Struggling to get through your day because of nagging pain?

People are frustrated as they struggle to live every day with an injury and pain

We understand how it affects your ability to do the things you love; hobbies, playing with kids, working, exercising, and all the other things that make life meaningful.  Active Motion Spine & Rehab is the place for chiropractic and rehabilitation for your body so you can feel great again.

What can the right chiropractor do for you?

Enjoy Everyday Activities
Being active with the people you love is what makes life meaningful.
Feel Better, Faster
You'll notice immediately how the right care gives you the results you've always wanted.
Stay Healthy For Life
You'll get the training and tools you need to not only recover but stay better.
Pain & injury do not have to write your story. Let us help you rewrite that story!

With focused treatment and a complete recovery plan tailored for your goals our chiropractors will get you back to writing your story the way you want it to be written - FREE FROM PAIN.

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Conditions Our Chiropractors Treat
Please come see our team if you have any of these symptoms:

• Low Back Pain            • Headaches

• Neck Pain                   • Knee Pain

• Back Pain                   • Foot Pain

• Disc Herniation           • Auto Injuries

• Shoulder Pain             • Sports Injuries 

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Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Gross see how much injuries interfere with life.
Not being able to get through the day pain free creates a number of life problems.

    Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Gross are committed to giving all of their patients the chance to recover and feel great while doing the things they love.

The team atmosphere present at Active Motion Spine & Rehab gives patients the advantage of experiencing cutting-edge evidence-based chiropractic care and physiotherapy combined with over 20 years of application and experience. The results our patients benefit from are second to none.

Are you ready to live pain-free?

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Active Motion’s Approach to Care

Chiropractic Manipulation
Used by thousands of therapists around the world for amazing results
Myofascial release; massage; soft tissue; scraping; graston
Myofascial Mobilization
Functional Movement Assessment
Movement Screening and Assessments
Rehab; rehabilitation; exercise; physical therapy
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
"After many years of being active, I took up CrossFit in my 40's and quickly found myself dealing with sciatica.

I made a visit to Dr. Montgomery not knowing what to expect. I walked out with new programming and therapy to help me with my low back pain and a whole new set of skills to help me perform better in all my activities. I believe that Dr. Montgomery cares for all that walk through the door. This is the only clinic that I'd refer anyone to."

-Darrell- Google Review

“I struggle with chronic, intractable migraine headaches. Dr. Montgomery and his interns have been immeasurably helpful in keeping me moving!

The treatments help to lessen the muscle tension that comes with my migraines. I have also learned several different exercises I am able to turn to at home to help with tight muscles in my neck, shoulders, & back. I continue to see Dr. Montgomery and his team for continued care and recommend them to my friends and family."


Here's How We Get You Loving Your Active Life

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We Create A Recovery Plan
Based on your history and condition, we provide a personalized treatment plan for your recovery.
Live A Healthy, Active Life
Using a combination of chiropractic, home exercises, and specialized tools and techniques, we'll have you feeling better in no time.

Get Free From Pain And Back To Life Again

You don't need to live with the constant frustration of dealing with pain that's holding you back from getting the most out of life. Get the care you deserve and put yourself in the right hands. Book an appointment with us today.

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