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Because of our strong connection to the University of Western States, we have the opportunity to work with the best and brightest chiropractic students in our country today. They are equipped with the best research, talented, and committed to your recovery.

Together we will get you free from pain and back to the things you love to do.


Meet Dr. Aaron Montgomery

Active Motion Spine & Rehab Owner and Clinic Director

Dr. Montgomery attended Montana State University obtaining a degree in Exercise Science and Physiology in 1999. He went on to spend the next seven years working as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. He worked closely with a local chiropractor who specialized in Egoscue Method and Dr. Montgomery started to spend more and more time working with training clients who were dealing with years of chronic pain. In 2006, he and his family decided to pursue more education and he relocated to Portland, OR to attend the University of Western States and obtain his degree in chiropractic medicine. 

Dr. Montgomery attended the University of Western States and obtained his doctorate in chiropractic medicine in 2010. With 25 years of combined experience in strength and conditioning, the fitness industry, and chiropractic Dr. Montgomery has worked with every level of client and patient, from youth to collegiate athletes to Olympians and professionals to seniors. He combines those experiences with a background in exercise science and lifestyle management and a deep education in clinical treatment and rehabilitation. 

He has been certified as a personal trainer and a StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor and has made kettlebells a focus of his exercise, as well as that of his patients. He is also an avid golfer and is a level 2 medical and fitness professional through Titleist Performance Institute. Addressing injuries that affect patients' golf games and programming golf-specific movements and exercise programs has become a large part of his clinical practice. 

Dr. Montgomery has been utilizing the McKenzie Method (MDT) in his clinical approach for the last ten years and has found it to be an invaluable assessment and treatment tool for patients to find independence in the self-management of their musculoskeletal pain. He marries that approach closely with DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization) to help people move more efficiently and safely to limit or prevent re-occurrences of future episodes. 

He has been closely involved with educating future chiropractic physicians since 2010. First, as a faculty teaching at the University of Western States, the 2nd oldest chiropractic college in the world, while building his first chiropractic practice and then for 7 years (2012 to 2019) as a clinic director supervising senior chiropractic interns in a clinical setting while treating patients. He continues to be involved with the University of Western States' Community Based Community Education program and has the most highly qualified senior chiropractic interns finishing their clinical rounds and experience in his clinic. For the last twelve years, he has provided the final step in clinical education and experience to over 170 chiropractic student interns. 


Get To Know Dr. M

What do you like most about how you have set up your practice?
I love working closely with my chiropractic interns. Together, we are at the forefront of a changing chiropractic landscape. It’s great to be aware of the latest research and methods that are impacting patient lives.

What do you love the most about being a chiropractic physician?
The opportunity to educate and empower patients to be in control of their own health.

Do you have a specialization? If so, what inspired you to pursue that?
Many people would say I tend to ‘specialize’ in rehab and exercise. I think that I try to specialize in connecting with, communicating with and educating patients. Working in the setting I do, it is crucial that the patients and I communicate well. It’s also the thing that I get the greatest satisfaction from in my job.

What is it like to incorporate soon to be chiropractic physicians into your patients care?
It really is an amazing experience for our patients to be part of an amazing setting where the very best soon to be chiropractors are honing their clinical skills. I am incredibly active in our patients treatment and I direct all of the care, whether I am the one doing the treatment or any one of my amazing interns.  The skillset that these future doctors possess never ceases to amaze me and the patients are the real winners here. I feel like they could go to many other clinics in the area and get the same old treatment that people have been getting for the last twenty years. Not here. We spend so much time making sure that we are using the most up to date evidence based clinical practice and our patient outcomes prove it!

What do you enjoy doing away from the office?
I enjoy spending time with my family most of all. My amazing wife, Kristin, and our two boys, Emmett and Jack are always looking for adventure. We love to head to the coast in the summer and spend the winter snowboarding on Mt. Hood. 

Dr. Scott Gross, DC, MSSM

Ridgefield, WA and Gresham, OR Sports Medicine Chiropractor

Dr. Scott Gross is a Sports Chiropractor and a native to the greater Portland, Oregon area of the Pacific Northwest.  As a Sports Chiropractor, Dr. Gross specializes in treating acute and chronic everyday-life injuries, as well as sports related musculoskeletal injuries, aches, and pains.  Whether you are a professional athlete, or an athletic professional, Dr. Gross will be well versed to work with you on your road to becoming pain and symptom free.  While Dr. Gross treats neck and back pains, he also specializes in knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and foot and ankle pain.

Dr. Gross prides himself on taking a functional approach to your health and well-being, utilizing manual therapy, movement assessments, kinesiology taping, cupping, and functional rehab in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments.  Dr. Scott strongly believes movement is medicine when movement is done well.

"As a former collegiate athlete, I used CrossFit to ensure I continued competing.

Unfortunately, the years of softball had caught up to me, and I tore my shouder labrum. After having my shoulder repaired with surgery, I continued treatment and physiotherapy/rehabilitation treatments with Dr. M and his crew. I am back to my normal fitness routine ahead of schedule following this type of shoulder procedure. With all the treatment the clinic has provided, I feel stronger than ever. I am excited to continue competing physically within my CrossFit gym and pursuing my career as a firefighter."

-Chelsey M.-

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The Best Research

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Patient-Centered Care

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Partners In Health

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